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  • 3-Sep-2019

    How to Properly Dissolve a Business in California

    When you commit to a business partnership, you are not making a lifetime commitment like marriage. Nevertheless, some business dissolutions can be as messy as divorce. To avoid legal trouble, follow the steps below when you dissolve a business. Step ...
  • 17-Apr-2019

    Consequences of a Breach of Contract

    One of the most common disruptions to a business is when there is a breach of contract. When a contract is part of a business deal, you must intrinsically understand the conditions before signing your name or business to a legal document. Otherwise, ...
  • 28-Mar-2019

    The Scope of Attorney-Client Privilege for California Businesses

    The subject of e-mails, letters, and conversations between an attorney and their client are protected under attorney-client privilege. This privilege prevents third-parties from compelling attorneys from disclosing client communications to them. ...
  • 20-Mar-2019

    Benefits of Commercial General Liability Insurance

    Whether you are a sole proprietor or a corporate entity, your business can benefit significantly from insurance policies that provide general commercial liability (CGL) coverage. CGL coverage protects your business against third-party claims and ...

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