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Mobile Home Questionnaire

Do I Have a Valid Claim?

California Mobile Home Park Lawyers

To find out if you have a case against a mobile home park owner, fill out the questionnaire below using the following steps:

  • Complete the "Basic Information" and "Personal Information" sections
  • Click on the issue(s) relevant to your situation to expand and provide any additional information
  • Click on the "Photographs" section to expand and provide any pictures relevant to your situation
  • Submit your information.
Basic Information
  • Please enter your first name.
  • Please enter your last name.
  • Please enter your phone number.
    This isn't a valid phone number.
  • Please enter your email address.
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Personal Information
Problems With Park Management
    • My tap water has:
    • I receive low water pressure:
    Have you experienced any electrical problems in the last 4 years? If not, please leave blank.
    Have you experienced any problems with rainwater drainage in the last 4 years?
    • Check all that apply:
General Park Problems
    In the last 4 years, check which ones have affected you or that you have personally observed:
    • Streets/Roads
    • Swimming Pool
    • The park shower(s)
    • The park restroom(s)
    • The jacuzzi(s) or hot tub(s)
    • The clubhouse(s)
    • The laundry facility
    • The park carwash
    • The storage area(s)
    • The basketball court(s)
    • The tennis court(s)
    • The shuffleboard area(s)
    • The barbeque area(s)
    • Hillsides and slopes:
    • Trash area:
    • The fences/gates or perimeter fence
    • Trees/Landscaping
    • My driveway:
    • Vacant, empty homes:
    • Lighting in streets/common areas:
    • The park restroom(s)
Emotional Distress
    Have any problems or conditions in the park caused you any emotional distress like the feelings described below?
    • Check all that apply:
Illness/Physical Injury
Mobile Home
Sale Of Mobile Home (Complete if you own the home)
Park Management/Harassment
Property Damage
Interference With Property Rights
    Please list the most recent rent increases you have had:
  • Please list the date and rent you were paying before large increases started:
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