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  • 21-Dec-2018

    Can Government Regulation Qualify as an Unconstitutional Taking?

    Under the takings clauses of the California and U.S. Constitutions, private landowners have a right to receive just compensation when the government takes their property for public use. But, what type of government actions qualify as a ...
  • 14-Dec-2018

    California Rent Control Laws

    Many California cities implement rent control laws to prevent landlords from raising rent above a certain amount. These rent controls intend to help tenants by ensuring that a landowner cannot force a tenant out by arbitrarily increasing their rent ...
  • 22-Nov-2018

    Legal Doublets: Why Legal Terms Seem Repetitive

    Part of a lawyer’s job as counselor to the client includes the role of translator. No, this does not mean that an attorney’s qualifications necessarily include multilingual ability. However, a significant portion of legal practice ...
  • 16-Aug-2018

    The Trump Administration Targets Fair Housing Protections

    Since its implementation in 1968, the Fair Housing Act has offered many opportunities to minority citizens who want to rent or purchase housing property. Under the provisions of the act, it is illegal to discriminate against potential home owners ...
  • 18-Jul-2018

    3 Real Estate Scams to Avoid

    Purchasing or renting a home can be one of the most exciting and stressful experiences in your life. Unfortunately, when such a large amount of money is involved, you’re likely to attract some questionable characters. Your best defense against ...

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