Mobile Home Park

Mobile Home Questionnaire

Do I Have a Valid Claim?

California Mobile Home Park Lawyers

To find out if you have a case against a mobile home park owner, fill out the questionnaire below using the following steps:

  • Complete the "Basic Information" and "Personal Information" sections
  • Click on the issue(s) relevant to your situation to expand and provide any additional information
  • Click on the "Photographs" section to expand and provide any pictures relevant to your situation
  • Submit your information.
Basic Information
Personal Information
Do you own the home or rent it?
Are you currently living in the park?
Do you still own a home in the park?
Are you currently involved in a lawsuit as a plaintiff or defendant?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Are you current on your rent payments?
Problems With Park Management

Have you experienced any of the following sewage problems in the last 4 years? Leave blank if not.

Toilet(s) overflow from backups in the park's sewer lines
Raw sewage spills into tub from a backup in the park's sewer lines
Sewer odors come into home when a window is open
Raw sewage spills occur from outside sewer pipe onto my lot
Raw sewage spills running down streets or common areas
Smell of sewage in the Park
Have you experienced problems with the Park's water system in the last 4 years?
My tap water has:
I receive low water pressure
I receive rusty or dirty water
I believe that I have been overcharged for water
Bacterial contamination of water
Other contamination of water

Have you experienced any electrical problems in the last 4 years? If not, please leave blank.

Power surges
Loss of frozen/refrigerated food due to loss of power
Breakers trip off
Appliance damage or loss:
I have observed exposed wires in the Park
I believe that I have been overcharged for electricity:

Have you experienced any problems with rainwater drainage in the last 4 years? Check all that apply.

General Park Problems

In the last 4 years, check which ones have affected you or that you have personally observed:

Swimming Pool
The park shower(s)
The park restroom(s)
The jacuzzi(s) or hot tub(s)
The clubhouse(s)
The laundry facility
The carwash area(s)
The storage area(s)
The basketball court(s)
The tennis court(s)
The shuffleboard area(s)
The barbeque area(s)
Hillsides and slopes:
Trash area:
The fences/gates or perimeter fence
My driveway:
Vacant, empty homes:
Lighting in streets/common areas:
Gas lines:
Have you been the victim of vandalism or theft?
Graffiti is not removed for long periods of time:
I am aware of drug activity in the park:
I have personal knowledge of the park being cited by governmental agency:
Emotional Distress
Have any problems or conditions in the park caused you any emotional distress like the feelings described below?
Illness/Physical Injury
Have you or your family experienced any illness or injury caused by problems in the park?
Are you under a doctor's care for the condition?
Have you lost time from work because of illness, injury or emotional distress caused by problems in the park?
Mobile Home
From whom did you purchase your home?
Sale of Mobile Home (complete if you own the home)
Has the park interfered with the sale of your home?
Have you sold your home?
Did any potential buyers walk away due to park conditions?
Park Management/Harassment
Management/park workers have come onto my space without advance notice:
Park rules are:
I have had difficulty communicating with the manager/owenr:
I have been harassed by the manager/owner:
Property Damage
Have conditions in the Park caused any damage to your home or personal property in the last 4 years? (Example: damage due to sewage backups/spills, damage to appliances, damage to cars, loss of food, clothes ruined, un-leveling of home, etc.)
Interference with Property Rights

Please list the most recent rent increases you have had:

Please list the date and rent you were paying before large increases started:

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