How to Resolve a Shareholder Dispute


There are a variety of reasons you may experience a serious disagreement with a fellow shareholder. Some of the most common reasons for controversy arise from decisions by a company’s owners or operators, failure to agree on the terms of a sale, suspected dishonesty or underhanded practices by corporate officers, and consequential decisions being made without consulting shareholders or fellow officers. Sometimes, such disagreements are serious enough to cause major legal and financial issues, especially if they are not dealt with promptly and efficiently.

If you are a private business owner and have gone into business with a friend or family member, there may not be a partnership agreement or contract in place. In such cases, it is absolutely necessary for the future success of your business and your partnership that you bring in a knowledgeable mediator when conflict arises.

If you are experiencing a shareholder dispute, your first course of action should be to consult an experienced business litigation attorney. They can help you assess your shareholder agreement or contract, relevant state laws, and help you fill in the gaps when neither of these specify exactly how your conflict should be resolved. In order to get your dispute resolved as soon as possible, you will need a professional on your side.

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