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What Happens if the Mobile Home Owner Dies Without a Will?


When a beloved relative dies, that person’s estate usually passes on to beneficiaries or relatives. The requirements for transferring ownership of a mobile home can vary, depending on the circumstances of the estate. If there is a will, ownership will pass to the designated beneficiary, making this a relatively easy process. If there is no will, there are two different options for the estate and how ownership is to be transferred.

Probate Without a Will

When an estate goes through probate without a will in place, the court will have to appoint an administrator to manage the decedent’s assets. Generally, the estate administrator has the authority to transfer ownership of the mobile home by simply changing the name on the title. Ownership will usually pass to the closest living relative.

No Will and No Probate

If a loved one passes without a will and the estate does not go through probate, a living spouse can transfer the title of the mobile home into his or her name. In the absence of a spouse, however, the decedent’s next of kin would be able to obtain ownership of the mobile home. In both cases, the relative or surviving spouse will need to fill out a form and provide a copy of the decedent’s death certificate.

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