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6 Strange Real Estate Laws in the U.S.


If you’re involved in real estate, rent a home, or own a business, you may be familiar with your state or city’s real estate laws. Real estate laws have a long history, and stem from the ownership of property by the ruling class, or a monarch in the feudal system. Hundreds of years ago, only the most powerful groups and individuals had the rights to own property and land.

Common types of laws include landlord and tenant agreements, land use laws, property taxes, and foreclosure laws. While many of them make logical sense, there are a few real estate laws out there that seem random and strange, but were created for a reason, and are still enforced.

Boulder, Colorado

In Boulder, as well as other cities such as Lincoln, Nebraska, there is a law against having couches on your porch. The law also prevents leaving any upholstered chairs or mattresses in your yard or on the porch of your home, and stems from a habit of college students setting furniture on fire outside.

Walnut, California

In the city of Walnut, it is illegal for you to put dirt, sand, rocks, or cement on your property, as well as trash and dead animal carcasses. Many people don’t understand the ban on cement and rock, as it’s common for homeowners to resort to cement backyards as an eco-friendly option to grass that requires watering.


Since 1989, the last Sunday of each June is known as log cabin day, which was passed to celebrate the state’s history. On this day in Michigan, you can attend log cabin festivals, go on tours of historic log cabins, and even buy your own, if you’re in the holiday spirit.

Aspen, Colorado

In this snowy city, it’s illegal to throw snowballs at public or private property, including your own home, as well as at any person.

Ridgeland, Mississippi

In the city of Ridgeland, it’s illegal to install burglar bars outside your windows. However, you’re allowed to put them on the inside.

Waldron Island, Washington

Located in Puget Sound, this island has banned buildings from having more than two toilets. This law, while humorous, is a part of an effort to limit development on the island and prevent it from becoming overcrowded.

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