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At Allen, Semelsberger & Kaelin LLP, we have the experience, insight, and skill to guide you through even the most complex eminent domain matters. Our team of highly qualified California eminent domain attorneys in San Diego has been representing clients for nearly three decades. We are here to help you protect your property, your company, and your best interests in any eminent domain case. Over the years, our lawyers have been selected for numerous awards and have successfully brought in continual great results for our clients.

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What Is Eminent Domain?

Also known as condemnation, eminent domain is the right of a public entity to obtain property (real estate) for any qualifying public purpose. This may include:

  • Parks
  • Roads
  • Freeways
  • Municipal projects

When this does occur, the real estate and business owners must be properly compensated through condemnation awards. In cases where business owners must relocate due to eminent domain, they may be entitled to additional awards for loss of goodwill/relocation payments.

What Am I Entitled to if My Property Is Affected by Eminent Domain?

Both the U.S. Constitution and California law guarantees that no property or business interest can be taken for public use “without just compensation.” As experienced California eminent domain lawyers, we believe “just compensation” means more than adhering to a simple appraisal and our extensive experience can help you three ways.

We can use our vast legal experience and skill to:

  • Establish the highest potential value of your property
  • Demonstrate the financial impact of business relocation
  • Effectively and efficiently present your case
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How Do I Establish Property Value?

Government agencies will follow their appraiser’s recommendation in determining the value of your property or business. We believe that often this represents only a portion of what is fair. Working with an extensive network of experts—appraisers, engineers, environmental experts, and city planners—Allen, Semelsberger & Kaelin LLP will conduct feasibility studies to determine the highest and best use of your property. Then we will combine this analysis with the appraisal, ensuring that you receive the highest compensation for your property.

How Can I Demonstrate the True Impact of Relocation?

We know there are many questions that you likely have, including:

  • Can your business be relocated?
  • What will be the financial impact of moving?
  • Will you lose your most loyal customers?
  • Will you lose your most trusted employees?

Allen, Semelsberger & Kaelin LLP knows that in addition to receiving the highest possible price for your real estate holdings, you should also be compensated for the impact on your business as well.

Let Our Firm Strategically Represent Your Case

This is our strength. Time after time, year after year, the California eminent domain attorneys from our firm have tried—and won—hundreds of cases in front of juries and judges at the state and federal level. We have represented individual homeowners, farmers, builders, and other property owners. Our firm was special counsel for the San Diego Padres on condemnation matters relating to Petco Park and for San Diego Gas & Electric Company on many of San Diego’s most critical utility projects.

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