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Ask Law Group Attorneys Receive Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award


JAMES ALLEN and DAVID SEMELSBERGER receive the Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award 2015 -On October 23, 2015, Jim Allen and David Semelsberger received the Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego (CASD) in the case of Andrade, et al. v. MHC Operating Limited Partnership. CASD recognizes individuals, based in San Diego, responsible for outstanding verdicts in connection with a jury trial involving a civil or criminal matter.

In this case, Allen and Semelsberger secured the largest mobile home park verdict in the history of the state of $111 million for 61 individual Plaintiffs, punitive damages of approximately $95 million and compensatory $15 million. Each Plaintiff received approximately $1.57 million in punitive damages, and the average individual compensatory awards were between $250,000 to $800,000. The 2014 verdict was the 6th largest in California and 17th largest in the United States.

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