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Eminent Domain: Relocation Benefits


When it comes to eminent domain cases resulting from transportation projects or public use projects, property owners are entitled to relocation benefits when they are forced to relocate their business or residence as a result of the projects in question. Relocation is established by the condemning authority and varies widely from state to state. Relocation benefits are initiated and handled at the trial court level or the court of appeals.

Relocation benefits include the moving of personal property and reestablishment costs for things like new business cards, signage, and etc. Relocation benefit claims are independent of additional eminent domain damage claims. These claims are typically negotiated between the property owner and the condemning authority. Because relocations can be complex and confusing, owners often seek the help of an eminent domain lawyer to calculate and negotiate costs with the condemning authority.

Relocation benefits cover:

  • Moving Costs
  • Storage Costs
  • Replacement Advertising Costs
  • Replacement Housing Costs
  • Physical Improvements to the New Location

Each relocation benefits case varies from situation to situation. When calculating all relocation expenses, many property or business owners underestimate exactly what they will be facing when they have to move. Property owners who operate businesses with expensive fixtures and machinery such as a chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, auto-repair businesses, dry cleaning business, dry dock or ship repair, should consult with an experienced eminent domain attorney.

At Allen Semelsberger Kaelin, LLP, our team of experienced lawyers can calculate your losses and identify all of the possible compensation you are entitled to. From completing and filing the necessary paper work, to negotiations, we are here to walk you through every aspect of your eminent domain case. Our legal team is familiar with these types of cases and we know what to expect. Let us put our skills and resources to work for you.

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