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Evictions: Do I Have a Case Against My Mobile Home Park Owner?


People who own a mobile home or rent a lot in a mobile home park, are considered to be mobile home park tenants. In order for these people to be evicted from their homes, special rules must first be followed. In this blog, we explain the process for evicting tenants from a mobile home park.

Terminating Tenancy

To be evicted from a mobile home park, an owner or operator must have just cause. Mobile home park tenants can’t be evicted just because their lease is ending, but a landlord can raise the rent at the end of a lease. Just cause for eviction incudes:

  • Paying rent late 3 or more times in a 12 month period. Landlord must have sent a demand for possession for each late rent payment.
  • The mobile home was used for something illegal.
  • Lease or rental agreement violations.
  • Violation of state rules governing mobile homes.
  • Intentionally injuring mobile home park personnel or other tenants.
  • Intentionally damaging the mobile home park or another tenant's property.
  • Continuing to substantially annoy other tenants or the mobile home park after being given notice and an opportunity to fix the problem.

Before the eviction can begin, the landlord is required to provide notice to the tenant. This is called a demand for possession. This demand must be given to the tenant personally or mailed to their last known address. The notice has not been properly served if the landlord leaves the demand outside the door, slips it under the door, attaches it to the property, or mails it in a way that requires a tenant to sign for it. The amount of time for the notice generally depends on the violation in question.

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