What Is the Proper Term for Mobile Home?

mobile homes

The proper term for a mobile home is manufactured home. Terms like a trailer, trailer park, and even mobile home are no longer politically correct, but the public has been slow to adopt the proper term, “manufactured home.”

Technically speaking, “mobile homes” refers to homes built before 1976, and “manufactured homes” refers to homes built after 1976. Very few mobile homes still exist.

Why Was the Term Mobile Home Replaced with Manufactured Home in 1976?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) introduced the term, “manufactured home,” with a new law in 1976. HUD Code included regulations for manufactured homes, which means the new homes were safer and had to meet higher quality standards. Further, most manufactured homes were not designed to be moved.

Not only was the term, “mobile home,” inaccurate and out-of-date, but the HUD wanted to rebrand this type of housing and start eliminating the stigma surrounding manufactured housing communities (previously known as mobile home parks or even trailer parks).

While most people realize that calling a manufactured home a trailer or calling a manufactured housing community a trailer park is derogatory, many people still refer to these homes as mobile homes and these communities as mobile home parks.

Even California Law (the Mobilehome Residency Law or MRL) still refers to manufactured homes as mobile homes.

Can I Still Call Manufactured Homes Mobile Homes?

Yes. Many manufactured home enthusiasts have refused to stop using the term, “mobile home.” While the federal government insists on calling factory-built housing manufactured homes, many states (including California – see above), still call this type of housing mobile homes.

Ultimately, the stigma surrounding mobile homes has faded over time, and changing the name of factory-made housing had very little to do with it. People don’t think poorly of mobile homes anymore because manufacturers stopped building poor-quality homes thanks to HUD Code.

Now, some manufactured homes are even called tiny homes.

As long as you avoid the terms, “trailer,” and “trailer park,” you can call your home whatever you wish.

Are There Still Problems in Mobile Home Parks?

Yes. Although manufactured home construction has improved significantly since 1976, manufactured housing communities still present challenges. Often, mobile home park owners fail to follow California mobile home park law and allow unsafe conditions in their communities.

Fortunately, the MRL exists to protect mobile home park residents, and Allen, Semelsberger & Kaelin LLP has been bringing cases under the MRL since 1987.

We are relentless in addressing the problems at mobile home parks and resolving our client’s cases, and we have collected more than $300 million as a firm.

Whether you call your home mobile home or a manufactured home, we can help you when you face difficulties in our community.

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