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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?


If someone acts negligently or recklessly and their actions result in an accident or injury, this behavior must be held accountable and our personal injury lawyers of Allen Semelsberger Kaelin, LLP can make this possible. Determining the worth of your personal injury case is dependent on the damages you sustained, including physical, financial, mental, or emotional.

Your personal injury case’s worth is determined after strict analysis of the details of what you endured. Sometimes, people don’t realize they are sitting on a case which is worth so much more than they anticipated because they are unaware of the extent with which they were harmed. Just as every accident and injury is unique, so is the way your case will resolve and the settlement you will receive.

Once the other party’s responsibility has been proven, the investigative process begins. Figuring out the cost of your injuries is vital as it is the primary aspect of value in your settlement. Most compensation covers damages such as the cost of your medical treatment, the accident’s impact on your salary and wages, property loss, emotional distress or pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium. As you can imagine, putting a price on your emotion despair following the unexpected death of a loved one is not easy as this is not exactly quantifiable.

In some cases, the extent of what transpired was so severe it cannot be ignored and sparks a series of lawsuits against a particular company or business. A thorough evaluation will reveal the build-up of events which led to the accident in question, and no one is more experienced in fighting for maximum results than our team at Allen Semelsberger Kaelin, LLP.

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Allen Semelsberger Kaelin, LLP is led by San Diego personal injury attorneys who truly care about you and your family’s wellbeing after something as traumatic or life-changing as an injury or accident. Determining the value of your personal injury case is the first part of our advocacy process, as we will always fight to ensure your voice is being heard. Don’t face this stressful time without a legal team who will go above and beyond on your behalf.

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