Why You Need An Attorney in a Personal Injury Case


Not all personal injury cases are the same. They involve varying degrees of injury, property damage, and other circumstances. The most common personal injury case stems from motor vehicle accidents that can range from slight fender benders to multiple-car pileups on a freeway causing injury, death, and damage to many victims. So, when injured in such an accident, when should you hire an attorney to represent you and why?

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When You Should Seek Legal Counsel

Below are some scenarios that can help you understand when and why it is a good idea to be represented in a personal injury case.

  1. You were seriously or catastrophically injured, the extent of which may not be at first evident. Your injuries may require extensive medical care well into the future. Coming up with a figure that will cover all possible future medical care, therapies, surgeries, equipment, and more may be difficult. An attorney will understand this and know how to quantify it so that you are not caught in a shortfall without the financial resources you need to recover as much as possible. In catastrophic injuries, lifelong personal assistance and home and vehicle renovations may be needed as well.
  2. You aren’t certain about fault. Were you without any fault at all or partially at fault? If so, what is the degree of your fault and how will it affect your compensatory damages? This is something an attorney can be responsible for. Your attorney will do an investigation of the accident including all evidence and even accident reconstruction science to help determine fault.
  3. More than one party was involved in the accident. Where multiple parties and multiple insurance companies are involved, it can get complicated. You don’t want to be one party stuck with paying for it all. Your attorney will know how to deal with complex situations such as these.
  4. The insurance company has offered you a lowball settlement or has denied your claim. Insurance companies are large corporations with armies of adjusters and lawyers dedicated to paying you as little as possible or nothing at all. You are not their first priority. Their first priority is to remain as profitable as possible for their shareholders. Thus, they will engage in tactics to settle fast and low. Or they will delay paying you a settlement in order to wear you down into acceptance. These are the games insurance companies play which is why you need a legal representative who can level the playing field. These companies understand that you have little knowledge of how fair and just settlements are reached.
  5. You can’t reach a settlement with the insurance company. Most personal injury cases are settled outside of court. What if you can’t settle yours? You then must go to court in a litigated process that requires legal representation. At this point, you attorney can use his or her skills, knowledge, and resources to fight for the best possible outcome.

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Your future health and wellbeing are too important not to bring in a legal professional when you are facing the aftermath of a personal injury. Our firm brings experience, knowledge, and legal skills to the table to help fight for a fair and just outcome. If you have been seriously injured in or around greater San Diego or elsewhere in California, we urge you to seek the help of one of our dedicated legal team.

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