Should I Speak to an Insurance Company After Being Injured?


Following an accident, it is possible that you will be contacted by the liable party’s insurance company before your claim even begins, or in the midst of your personal injury case. While it may seem like they are trying to help you, this is not always true. It is more likely that the insurance company’s goal is to gather information that can be used to deny or undervalue your claim. During a conversation with an insurance company, they will probably misinterpret your words and find reasons not to give you the compensation you deserve. Potentially, the insurance company may try to pin fault on you instead of your policyholder.

It is best to have a lawyer present if you need to speak with an insurance company. Our attorneys understand the complexities of injury claims and dealing with insurance companies. We will work to help your claim proceed smoothly.

What to Do if You Are Contacted by an Insurance Company

If an insurance company contacts you regarding your injury, you should politely decline to speak with them until your attorney is present. You have no obligation to speak with them, and should not feel pressured to do so before you are prepared and have representation available. Collect the insurance adjuster’s contact information so you can contact them in the future, if necessary.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

Our lawyers will help you handle communications with an insurance provider following an accident. We will protect your rights throughout negotiations with insurance companies and the parties that are liable for your injuries. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with insurance adjusters, so we know the questions they commonly ask and understand their approaches. We will use this knowledge while speaking to an insurance provider on your behalf. It is our goal to help you stay away from common issues that can arise during negotiations with insurance companies. For example, we know how your words could be misinterpreted to indicate fault, and will be careful to avoid these situations. We want to help you resolve your claim in a way that is favorable to you.

At Allen, Semelsberger & Kaelin LLP, our lawyers are dedicated to helping injury victims receive the compensation they deserve. We will fight to get you the care you need!

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