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  • 4-Sep-2018

    7 Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

    It’s an unfortunate statistic, but California has the highest number of pedestrian fatalities each year. Most of these fatalities are caused by motor vehicle operators who fail to exercise reasonable care while driving, particularly in housing ...
  • 3-Aug-2018

    What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

    The term “catastrophic injury” is used to describe any injury that is so debilitating that it prevents a victim from engaging in gainful employment. Typically, these injuries necessitate long-term medical care, multiple surgeries and ...
  • 30-Jul-2018

    The Two Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

    A spinal cord injury can have a devastating and life-altering impact on a person’s life. It often prevents victims from performing day-to-day functions, and deprives them of their ability to earn a living. Such a serious injury can also be ...

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