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ELTH Helps Child Obtain Care Funds for Brain Injury


As a result of a recent jury trial result obtained by Ken Turek of Endeman, Lincoln, Turek & Heater LLP (“ELTH”) in San Bernardino Superior Court an eight year old girl will receive care funding for a brain injury she suffered at the Mountain View Mobilehome Park in Yucaipa, California. Plaintiff Sierra Charles was severely injured when at age three she rode her bike over a sixteen foot unfenced drop-off into a drainage wash on Park property. Turek and his co-counsel Nicholas Rowley contended Defendants park owner Mobilehome Group III and manager Nijjar Realty dba Pama Management were told to fence the area by an onsite manager but failed to do so.

“Sierra’s head injury has resulted in lifelong behavior and learning problems. We proved that Defendants’ violations of basic safety rules designed to protect the public caused her serious injuries,” said attorney Turek. The confidential settlement was completed after a jury verdict found in favor of ELTH’s client.

“When park owners and managers violate basic safety rules which needlessly endanger the community we will go to trial to hold them accountable,” Turek stated.

Since 1987, ELTH has specialized in successfully representing Park residents in personal injury suits against Park owners for a variety of harms including:

  • Electric and gas-related injuries
  • Sewer
  • Water & toxic contamination
  • Trip and falls

It also includes non-park-related vehicle collisions.