Does a Mobile Home Park Owner Have to Meet with Residents to Discuss Disputes?


When it comes to disputes between tenants and landlords, there are procedures that must be followed by both parties in order for any resolutions to be considered legal. Mobile home park owners are required by law to provide a process for establishing dispute resolution. Generally, this implies written documentation or notice of the dispute in question. Tenants should be given a statement of the facilities policy regarding dispute resolution.

Most of these regulations are established and overseen by The Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL). The MRL regulates the relationship between landlords and residents of mobile home parks. The MRL covers:

  • Rental & Lease Contract Terms
  • Park Rules & Regulations
  • Mandatory Notices
  • Mandatory Notice & Amendment Procedures
  • Conditions Governing Mobile Home Park Evictions

Are There Legal Ramifications for not Meeting with Residents?

Failing to provide adequate notice or written documentation of a dispute can result in a $2,000 penalty for each of the owner’s willful violations of the MRL. Residents can also sue for damages or injunctive relief when a park owner violates a tenant’s rights. California law also provides mobile park residents with protections against landlord retaliation.

A park’s rules or regulations can be voided and deemed unenforceable if it:

  • Denies a resident their right to a jury trial
  • Mandates binding arbitration of disputes between the owner and residents
  • Is implemented without the resident’s consent

If a lease contains an arbitration agreement, residents should immediately consult with an attorney to evaluate whether or not the agreement meets legal requirements.

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