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What Grounds Does a Landlord Need to Terminate Mobile Home Park Tenancy?


If you own a mobile home and rent a lot, it is crucial that you understand your rights as a mobile home park tenant. Evictions are serious matters. The owner or operator, otherwise known as the landlord, of the mobile park you are renting a lot in can evict you, but he or she must have just cause to do so. Your landlord cannot evict you because your lease is coming to an end, though he or she can increase it when the lease is ending as long as the increase is not excessive.

Arm yourself with knowledge and learn what actions could provide your landlord the proper grounds needed to terminate your mobile home park tenancy:

  • You paid your rent late more than three times within a twelve-month time period.
  • You used your mobile home for something illegal or to engage in illegal activities.
  • You violated your rental agreement or lease.
  • You injured another mobile home park tenant or mobile home park personnel on purpose.
  • You intentionally caused damage to the mobile home park or to another person's property.
  • You violated either local or state mobile home laws, including property damage or vandalism, prostitution, discharge of a weapon, and illegal drug or manufacture use.
  • You behaved in a way that significantly annoyed others within the mobile home park. After you received notice about your behavior and were given the opportunity to rectify the problem, you failed to make any changes.
  • You violated a rule related to the safety, wellbeing, and health of its tenants and employees.
  • You violated a rule related to the maintenance of your mobile home.

However, before the eviction process can start, your landlord is required to provide notice that he or she wants to end your tenancy. This notice is referred to as the “demand for possession.” The demand for possession must be served through one of the following methods:

  • Give it to you in-person.
  • Deliver it to your mobile home by leaving it with a member of the household. This person must understand the importance of ensuring you receive it.
  • Send it to your last known address via first-class mail.

These are the only acceptable methods for delivering a demand for possession.

California Mobile Home Park Attorneys

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