What You Should Know About Filing a Case Against the Owner of Your Mobile Home Park


The owner of a mobile home park is more than just the person with their name on the deed. Mobile home park owners are often responsible for maintaining the park, fixing problems brought forth by residents, providing utilities, coordinating with local officials on issues, and many other duties. As the resident of a mobile home park, you may feel that the owner is not meeting these responsibilities or is otherwise behaving negligently. You may have repeatedly argued with the park owner about your concerns to no avail, and are considering filing a legal case. If you are interested in pursuing legal action against the owner of your mobile home park, there are a few things you should know first.

The Responsibilities of Mobile Home Park Owners

The role of a mobile home park owner comes with a certain set of responsibilities. The failure to fulfill these responsibilities is a source of a lot of disputes between the owners and residents of mobile home parks.

The owner of your mobile home park may be responsible for duties such as:

  • Park maintenance, improvements, and repairs

  • Providing utilities and determining costs of utilities

  • Setting prices for rent

  • Working with others on issues such as rent control

  • Mediating disputes between residents

  • Coordinating moves into and out of the park

Every mobile home park is different, so it’s possible that the owner of your park has different responsibilities from this list. It is important to familiarize yourself with the duties your mobile home park owner is responsible for, so you can recognize when your rights are being violated.

When a Mobile Home Park Owner is Liable for Damages

Mobile home park owners who fail to meet the demands of their job, neglect the needs of residents, or cause harm can be held liable for damages in the legal system. Depending on the details of a case, this may include compensation for property damage or income spent on unfair utility and rent expenses.

Filing a Case Against the Owner of Your Mobile Home Park

To bring a case against the owner of your mobile home park, you must have strong evidence that demonstrates their irresponsibility and the harm it brought to you and your family.

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